MiLSA GROUP | Project Management & Contracting
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MiLSA® PROJECT is our division established to offer high-quality services and solutions in Project Management & Contracting Projects to Public and Private Organizations by collaborating with international and domestic contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers.


Some of the solutions we offer are as follows:


> Construction Contracting Works

> Highway / State Roads Construction Works

> Excavation & Filling Works

> Pavement Works

> Superstructure Works

> Structural Works (Bridges / Viaducts)

> Asphalt Surface Treatment Works

> Concrete Production

> Aggregate Fabrication

> Infrastructural Works

> Dam & Irrigation Works

> Architectural Design Works

> Electromechanical Design Works

> Interior Design Works

> Procurement & Supply Management

> Project Management & Consultancy


We look forward to hearing from you, to explore new projects and opportunities together by building a mutually beneficial business relationship.


We will exceed your expectations as our customers and solution partners have been experiencing for many years.



Yours sincerely,

Serhan Öktü
Managing Partner
Burçin Girgin
Managing Partner